Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overview of the RD Guarantee Loan in St. Clair County

This is a true zero down loan!  It has many features that are especially beneficial for first time home buyers.  We close a lot of these.  It is great vehicle to help our clients achieve their dream of home ownership.

The features are as follows:

-0% down
-6% seller concessions
-reduced mortgage
-credit scores as low as 600*
-certain repairs can be financed*

*certain restrictions apply.


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  2. Nice Blog Lester! These 0 Down RD loans are great, they have helped us get lots of buyers in to homes. Surprised more buyers don't looking into them. If you are in the market to buy...Give Lester a Call to see it you qualify.

    Marc Reno
    Associate Broker
    Bauer-Reno & Associates